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Sand Ceremony

There's something really special about a beach wedding ceremony. Blue sky, warm sunshine, beautiful emerald green water... except when that wonderful breeze keeps blowing out the unity candle or the bride and groom can't keep their candles going long enough to "light" the unity candle. Sand Ceremony. Sometimes called the Wedding Sand Ceremony or the Unity Sand Ceremony, the purpose is the same, it serves as the Unity Candle.

The bride and groom each have a small bottle of sand from which they pour into a larger clear glass container. During the ceremony, the officiant explains how the pouring of the sand symbolizes the unifying of two people joining in marriage. The grains intermingle to become one new, inseparable body of sand. The newlyweds now have a special keepsake; the vase filled with the sand they poured on their wedding day. It's a beautiful and sentimental reminder to be admired by all who enter their home. Sand colors range from subtle to bold and can reflect everything from the wedding colors, to the bride and groom's personal favorites, to the color scheme of their home. If you want your guests to know the significance of the colors, the officiant can offer an explanation during the ceremony, or the bride and groom can make mention of it during their vows.